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The NTI Marine Livestock Transit Accidental Loss Insurance Policy is a plain language wording designed to protect livestock against death and physical injury during a transit. Vendors, buyers and livestock farmers will receive a market leading policy wording incorporating commonly requested extra covers, a competitive premium rate and most importantly a NIL excess. What is covered? Livestock is covered for accidental loss during transit including:

  • commercial stud livestock up to a limit any one Animal of $20,000 (at a higher rate)

  • death, physical injury or slaughter for humane reasons

  • death, physical injury or slaughter due to an uncontrollable (berserk) Animal

  • theft, pilferage and non-delivery

  • loading and unloading

  • escape from an accident site

What type of Livestock can be insured? Providing your Animals are in a good state of health and fit for transport, this insurance covers most types of Livestock up to a maximum limit any one conveyance of $250,000. What are the Extra Covers? The policy wording includes Additional Benefits. Following a claim, cover is also extended to include:

  •  in the case of injury, the cost of agisting to bring these Animals back to their condition prior to the loss or the agreed depreciation in value if they are sold as injured Livestock

  • the cost of mustering your Livestock up to a limit of 25% of the Sum Insured involved

  • clean up and disposal costs up to a limit of $50,000

  • costs paid by you to avoid or minimise any further loss

NTI Marine Livestock Transit Policy Wording

Download the Document

Monaro Livestock & Property's policy is that all Livestock you purchase and sell via our organisation will be covered automatically “unless” we hear to the contrary from you in writing, indicating you do not wish to take up this opportunity. 

On completion of our trading agreement form you will have an opportunity to opt out. If this option is taken, Monaro Livestock & Property will hold no responsibility of any livestock losses through transit or any discrepancies upon delivery of livestock sold or purchased.

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