**NOTE: Updated versions of NVDs (0720) for all species (sheep and goats, cattle and bobby calves) will be available from 1 July 2020


Current versions of NVDs (0413) will continue to be accepted until 31 December 2020


From 1 January 2021 only the updated version of NVDs (0720) will be accepted for all species

Cooma Auction Sales

Monaro Livestock & Property conduct sheep sales every fortnight (Tuesday) and cattle sales every month (Friday) at the Cooma Saleyards.


Sheep Sale:  (Tuesdays commencing 10am) - Stock Delivered by 7am day of sale

TBA 2020

Cattle Sale: (Fridays commencing 10am) 

Stock Delivered by 21:00 (9pm) night before sale

Friday 16th October 2020




If you are interested in booking in your stock for sale, please contact us.

Please ensure you have completed correctly a National Vendor Declaration (NVD) 

Incorrectly filled out forms can result in possible fines by local & state bodies
State Regulators -  NO DETAILS, NO TAG, NO SALE

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