From 1 January 2021 only the updated version of NVDs (0720) will be accepted for all species

For more information go to


at the yards or by buyers with older versions of NVDs

Cooma Auction Sales

Monaro Livestock & Property conducts sheep sales every fortnight (Tuesday) and cattle sales every month (Friday) at the Cooma Saleyards.


Sheep Sale:  (Tuesdays commencing 10am)

Stock Delivered by 7 am the day of sale

For all sheep sales please contact Will Dixon 0427 025 809

Cattle Sale: (Fridays commencing 10am) 

Stock Delivered by 21:00 (9pm) night before sale

Friday 29th April 2022




If you are interested in booking your stock for sale, please contact us.

Please ensure you have completed correctly a National Vendor Declaration (NVD) 

Incorrectly filled out forms can result in possible fines by local & state bodies
State Regulators -  NO DETAILS, NO TAG, NO SALE